JLL History

The first Little League teams from Jourdanton were chartered in 1957.

The Board of Directors during this first charter year were
President: C. W. McAllister
Vice President: Nolan Brown
Secretary: Charlie Belicek, Jr.
Treasurer: E. W. MorrisPlayer
Agent: Paul Breitkreutz

The Jourdanton Little League began with four teams:
Braves, Eugene Harrison (Mgr.), Martin Abstract Co. (Sponsor)
Giants, Henry Schorsch (Mgr.), Alvin's Garage (Sponsor)
Red Sox, Pete Schorsch (Mgr.), Jourdanton Bank (Sponsor)
Yankees, Danny Matocha (Mgr.), Morris & Winters Wholesale Oil Agents (Sponsor)

Vicki (Simmons) Martinez successfully incorporated softball into the local league in 1987, the 30th year anniversary of Jourdanton Little League.

Since the first chartered Little League team has entered competition, ten district titles have been won:
1994 - Jose Gomez (Mgr.): 9 & 10 Year-Old Softball
2002 - Jeffrey Korus (Mgr.): 9 & 10 Year-Old Baseball
2007 - Tricia Taylor (Mgr.): 9 & 10 Year-Old Softball
2008 - David Soward (Mgr.): 9 & 10 Year-Old Baseball
2008 - Tricia Taylor (Mgr.): 10 & 11 Year-Old Softball
2009 - Tricia Taylor (Mgr.): 11 & 12 Year-Old Softball
2010 - Roger Aguero (Mgr.): 10 & 11 Year-Old Softball
2021- Vance Jupe (Mgr.): 10-12 Year-Old Softball
2021- Josh Powell (Mgr.): 10-12 Year-Old Baseball
2021- Jay Powell (Mgr.): 13-14 Year-Old Baseball

In July of 2008, nine of the same players from the previous year's District Championship team and two new-comers took the Sectional championship and advanced their way all the way to the Texas West Little League Tournament in Waco, Texas. This 10 & 11-Year-Old Softball team beat the Midway/Waco team to stay in the winner's bracket. Midway battled back to the championship finale and during the game, the JLL team was within 1 pitch of bringing home a State Championship Title when the Midway team forced a double-header after an 8 inning game. The teams played 14 innings of softball that day and JLL ended up with a Runner-Up position.

The highest award any member of the Jourdanton Little League has ever received was the Little League Volunteer of the Year Award. This was done in 2004 by Mrs. Rebecca Alviso. The Little League Volunteer of the Year Award was instituted to honor individuals who give selflessly of their time and efforts for the benefit of the children in their communities. These individuals have contributed a spirited and dedicated commitment to the ideals and goals of Little League Baseball.  This award was designed to provide local leagues the opportunity to honor a deserving individual with this prestigious distinction.  The Little League Volunteer of the Year Award Program was established in 1989 as a vehicle for recognizing the selfless efforts of one million volunteers at the grass-roots level of Little League Baseball and each year.  Each year, only one individual receives the honor of being named the Little league Volunteer of the Year.

The Jourdanton Little League has had 3 homes in its history
*The first playing fields were located where the Jourdanton Elementary Early Education building is located now. This block of land was covered in mesquite trees when Little League fever struck Jourdanton.  Henry Schorsch and Paul Breitkreutz were instrumental in carrying out most of the work to ready the playing fields.  The original playing field also had sunken dugouts that filled up with water when it rained and had to be pumped out from time to time.
*The second home to Jourdanton Little League is the old North Field located off Hwy 16 south of the School. The old South Field originally belonged to the Lions Club for adult play.  When the Atascosa Savings and Loan was shut down in the 1980s by the government, the city of Jourdanton took over the property and the South Field was made into a softball field only.  It was then later used for both baseball and softball and then was turned back to softball only.
*The 3rd and current home to Jourdanton Little League is at the new Jourdanton Sports Complex which includes 5 fields: 3 baseball fields, 1 softball field and 1 Junior division baseball field along with a central concession stand.  This property of this new Sports Complex was generously donated by E.C. (Gene) Jupe.  The first games played on these new feilds were March 25th, 2017, the 60th anniversary of the Jourdanton Little League.  Jourdanton Sports Complex is located off Hwy 97 behind City Hall and is owned and operated by the City of Jourdanton.

Time Capsule:
In 2007 and during JLL's 50th Anniversary celebration, the Board of Directors planted a time capsule in front of the old North Field concession stand.  In 2021, the time capsule was moved to the entrance of JLL's new home at the Jourdanton Sports Complex.  The time capsule is scheduled to be opened in the year 2032.

Thank you to all the Volunteers that has helped Jourdanton Little League through the years.   The league has thrived because of your commitment.  We can't wait to see what the future holds.......

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